Spyware Doctor + Antivirus


Total protection against virus, spyware and more threats


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Spyware Doctor + Antivirus is the perfect conjunction of a good antispyware and a good antivurs to make safer your Internet experience.

You probably know Spyware Doctor, one of the most powerful antispyware you can find to protect your computer. Now, with Spyware Doctor + Antivirus you can enjoy all that power of the antispyware spiced up with a good antivirus. That means the protection gets better.

This program scan, find and eliminate any spyware, virus, Trojan or any other malware. Furthermore, when it is running, it doesn't consume a lot of resources, what makes possible to work when it's protecting you.

It's interface is very simple. That's good, because you don't have to deal with a mess, but you'll find all possible actions sorted in tabs.

If you want to be protected and don't want to have problems with virus, spyware and the rest of threats, Spyware Doctor + Antivirus is a very good choice.
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